Welcome to a Sugar Free Life!


Hello there! My name is Janine Hamilton and my mission is twofold:
Give people the tools they need to make the shift to living a life with low/no sugar easy and enjoyable.

Support the growing community of people who are determined to live free of fear, free of sugar and free of type 2 diabetes. 

Unlike a lot of programs, this one really does take sugar out of your diet. Getting rid of wheat and dairy is paramount because they both turn into sugar when digested by the body, they cause inflammation and have you noticed how addictive cheese is?! 

What does that leave? LOTS of delicious, unprocessed foods!


I've been able to live predominantly sugar free for over 4 years (as of April 2014) and the side effects have been striking. I've lost significant weight without even trying to. I don't count calories or use a scale.

My health has improved, my joints stopped hurting every time I used the stairs and my energy has risen to new highs. I'm happier, healthier and ok I'm gonna say it...hotter!  

Here's the real kicker...I underwent this transformation while eating foods that were delicious and plentiful. I did it not by eating less but by changing what I ate.

Anyone can get free of sugar using the same methods and tools. Some of you may need more support than others and that's why we're here. Whether you can 'do it yourself' or need someone to gently take your hand - we've got you covered.

I hope you'll join us on this journey to living and enjoying a truly 'sweet life!'.