Trust Your Gut

Most people are aware of the many things humans need to do in daily life to remain healthy. Eating right, exercise, sleeping regularly, and having good poops are just a few of the activities that come to mind, but what if there was another important level that few of us think about?

Turns out that the notion of intelligence that comes from somewhere in the body other than your brain is being borne out by science.

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Janine Georgette Hamilton
What's Going On with Peanut Butter!

First off, it's a legume, not a nut. Which means it doesn't have that hard shell to protect it. Peanuts are very prone to mold because of their soft shell and so farmers use pesticides to combat it.

Unfortunately, its thin, permeable shell also allows toxins from the pesticides to be absorbed more readily into the peanut. This puts it on the 'Make Sure It's Organic' List.

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