A Kick Ass Cold Remedy


The fall season is here! You may be thinking about the last sugar overdose you had during Halloween, or all those sugar desserts about to hit the table on Thanksgiving.

With the weather turning colder many of us spend more time indoors with no physical exercise. That is really bad news for your health!

Fall doesn’t have to be about isolating yourself or loading up on unhealthy foods. It can be about balance. About enjoying the season while maintaining your physical and emotional health.


What follows are suggestions to make the season work for you and your health:

Use Seasonal Vegetables

An excellent way to start taking care of your health in the fall season and support the environment while you’re at it, is by eating locally grown foods. Switch to vegetables that are currently in season.

This is when you can enjoy fall produce like pumpkin, butternut squash, apples, carrots, tomatoes, and many others. Seasonal produce is going to be less expensive, so it is great for your budget, plus it encourages you to try new recipes when you switch it up a little. You’ll also have the opportunity to sneak in more superfoods into your diet.

Bake Smartly

If you want to bake for the fall season and holidays in general, it might seem like it won’t help you be healthier, but that doesn’t have to be true at all. You can still make smarter choices in the kitchen when baking. Make simple changes, such as using healthier substitutes for some of your classic ingredients, like vegan butter or bananas and adding more baked goods with healthier ingredients like pumpkin and fruit.

Get Regular Exercise

Exercise can be wonderful for self-care and your physical health. It’s good for your heart, boosts your energy levels, and can help you feel like you are doing something really great for yourself.

Try physical activities that allow you to practice self-care at the same time, such as a relaxing yoga or Pilates practice in the morning, a nice evening walk with your dog, or heading to a local lake or beach to take in the sights while you walk.

Avoid the Common Cold

Don’t forget about illnesses that tend to creep up in the fall, including the common cold! To prevent the cold, wash your hands regularly throughout the day, stay away from others who have the sniffles, and always dress appropriately when outside on cooler days.

If you find that the temperature is rising and falling a lot during the day and night, dress is layers and don’t forget a scarf!

Take your vitamin C, drink plenty of fluids, and pay attention to your health – these are all going to work in tandem to reduce your risk of catching a cold.

My Kick Ass Cold Remedy

The weather is cold then hot then cold again which, as far as I can tell from my own personal experience, weakens our immune system.

This is the time of year that I walk around with a scarf protecting my chest on any day that isn't too warm for one. It's when I make a point to take my supplements religiously and when I call out the big guns for keeping those microscopic critters from making me sick.

My 'Big Guns' is actually an ancient recipe for a tea that will kick anything's ass when you need it to. Yes, I'm gonna share it with you ;)

First let me clarify a few things. Some of you are going to think, "Oh no, it's got garlic. I don't like to smell like garlic. I don't want to taste like garlic."

Fair enough, you won't! I promise. There is one trick that's absolutely necessary to use so that you don't smell/taste/become garlic.

Cut the garlic under boiling water.

That's it. Presto chango...no smell or taste. (It's how you make garlic soup, btw.)

Click the link below if you’d like me to send you the recipe!

==>> Janine's Kick Ass Tea <<==