Getting Sugar Out of Your Diet Can be a ...!


Today I'm going to focus on what is causing so many of us to struggle with food. Hopefully this isn't the first time you've heard that the food in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is at the root of the problem and is causing millions of people to be addicted to the processed 'foods' created by the Food Industry, without even knowing it.

The science is backing up what we know intuitively if we think about it.

We want to change how we eat but the thought frightens us.
We can't bear the thought of living without certain foods.
Our plans to make a change are sabotaged by an uncontrollable impulse to eat something we promised ourselves earlier in the day to stay away from.

I'm sure you can add your own examples.

Yet we don't want to acknowledge that what we're dealing with is addiction cause that's even scarier and makes us move closer to the realization that we'll have to do something about it if we actually want to improve our health and well-being.

Now I know this isn't everybody. Some of you aren't particularly susceptible to addictive behaviors and are able to moderate. If that's you, I'm jealous and happy for you at the same time. That's not me, and it's not most of the people I work with. The majority of us are like alcoholics when it comes to sugar and you wouldn't dream of telling someone with a drinking problem to simply indulge but in moderation.

So in case you haven't heard this already, the way out of this trap is giving sugar, wheat and dairy the boot. 

Did you just groan?

Does the thought of cooking without cheese make you declare, "No way!" without even trying?

Here's some of the science for you: 

Researchers from the University of Michigan have revealed that cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs.

Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a person’s cravings, the study found that cheese is particularly moreish because it contains casein.

The chemical, which is found in all dairy products, can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors, producing a feeling of euphoria linked to those of hard drug addiction.

Click the link to read the full article, 'Cheese Triggers the Same Part of the Brain as Hard Drugs' or you can go directly to the research 'Which Foods May be Addictive? The Roles of Processing, Fat Content, and Glycemic Load'.

The short version? Highly processed foods are causing addictive behaviors. 


My apologies if that image just triggered you but please take note...did it?

(Television commercials are NOT helpful when you want to change how you eat.)

I don't want to leave you thinking that eating without sugar, wheat and dairy is a tasteless affair cause it isn't! 

Real food (and by that I mean unprocessed) is delicious. You experience an added bonus by the buzz you get when your body receives the nutrition it needs without having to work overtime using it's resources to clean up after all the junk.

If you're looking to change how you eat starting now, take a look at the Free Guide 'Start Here'. It'll give you an overview on how to get clean.