Glyphosate: Unsafe on Any Plate

As Dr. Cummings likes to remind me, what we eat is about a lot more than sugar.

For a while though, that felt a bit overwhelming and so I just concentrated on the sugar piece.

I'm over it.

We are under attack by the Food Industry and we don't even know it!

If you haven't heard about GLYPHOSATE, it's time to do some catching up. It's a herbicide that's in our food and water supply at dangerous levels.

Glyphosate has two primary damaging effects. 1) An endocrine disruptor and toxin that accumulates in the liver and bone marrow, lowering immune system and healthy cell replication. 2) It is a potent anti-biotic that kills or damages gut bacteria.

If you like info via video there's one for you below and if you prefer reading, here's a link to the comprehensive report: 'Glyphosate: Unsafe on Any Plate. Food Testing Results and Scientific Reasons to be Concerned'.

Click the image below to play the video.

This is crucial information that we all need to have.

Many of the 'foods' that we give to our children have alarmingly high levels of this toxin.

Glyphosate was significantly higher in humans [fed] conventional [food] compared with predominantly organic [fed] humans. Also the glyphosate residues in urine were grouped according to the human health status. Chronically ill humans had significantly higher glyphosate residues in urine than healthy humans

We need to VOTE LOUDER so we can guarantee affordable access to Organic Food and Clean Water. It isn't about a fad diet, it's about our ability to purchase food and water that won't kill us.