In Loving Memory of your Tastebuds

When was the last time you truly, deeply enjoyed your food? in your eyes started to roll back up into your head enjoyed.

There's usually an unspoken belief that eating healthily will be a meager, tasteless affair.

I'm here to tell you different.


Food tastes amazingly yummy, all on its own. 

Added bonus: Real foods give your body what it needs to live, heal and thrive.

What you eat is making you sick
What you eat can make you well

It's so profoundly simple.

By the time I get to Day 8 of Fresh Start! Reset (a 10-Day sugar cleanse) I thoroughly enjoy the increase in my energy and how absolutely divine food tastes.

Don't believe all the crap you've heard about how boring, tasteless and depressing healthful eating is.

It's about real food without the chemicals, without sugar, without all the toxic shit that's added to most most what we eat!

Real food that not only tastes fabulous but gives us all the that we're looking for!

It's real food that rocks your tastebuds!

You know what I'm talking about...

Our tastebuds need our help to get back into full on flavor burst mode.

Some more good news. It only takes 10 days to Reset your body. 

If the idea of getting rid of sugar for 10 days feels like too much, no worries. Take your time and build up to it.

Make small additions to the way you eat that will help you when you're ready to really take care of yourself by putting vibrant, healthful, plentiful, healing foods into your body.

Eating healthy food isn't like a living in desert where there's nothing to eat, it's like living on a tropical island where you get to chose which bites of deliciousness you get to taste.

Abundant Eating is about mindset. How you think about how you eat. Do you view it with an eye that sees the lack or with one that gratefully enjoys the plenty?

Abundant Eating reminds us to connect to our inner self. To be aware of the bounty all around us. To take time to enjoy all that's right in front of us to its fullest.

Adding a few life hacks to your day can make a sugar free lifestyle sustainable, even with our whirlwind lifestyles.


Green Smoothies


Why Green Smoothies?

You mean besides the fact that they're the most perfect, amazingly delightful breakfast ever created?

Oh, and did I mention 10 minutes?  =p

  • Nutritious & Delicious
    All those vitamins & minerals in one place
  • Loaded with Fiber
    No sugar spikes
  • Quick & Easy to Make
    Pick ingredients that make your taste buds happy
  • Low in Calories
    Fill up while you lose weight
  • Easy to Digest
    Already broken up & liquefied, so your body does less work
  • Start the Day Right
    Feel well fed, focused and moving toward your goals
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast
    Don't listen to the haters. It's like soft serve in the morning

There are definite advantages to adding elements to your diet in baby steps.

When you start a Reset you've already got two key ingredients in place. 

1) You're thoroughly hydrated and 2) you're drinking green smoothies for breakfast.

The whole process feels easier. 

(Ok, Day 4 may not be easier. I usually feel like crap but getting to the other side of that feels so good and kicks cravings to the curb!)

I'd love to hear how it goes for you.  Feel free to talk about your cleansing experiences in the comments.


Try out this recipe if you haven't done smoothies. It's a mainstay of mine.

Swap out 2 different fruit or select different green veggies that you like and you've got a whole other smoothie.

My Ultra Delish Everyday Smoothie
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup of blueberries
1 cup of green vegetables
tbl of nut butter
a handful of raw nuts
scoop of protein powder
1/2 cup to 1 cup of almond mylk
multi-vitamin tablet

 Directions: Place all your ingredients into the blender and let ‘er rip!

Surely, by now  I've convinced you to think about what changes you want to make to how you eat.

It doesn't have to be all at once. 

Start somewhere. Anywhere you're comfortable.

I hope this helps to spark some ideas of where you can start.   


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