The Poisoning of Our Food Supply

The shit has already hit the proverbial...and it's splattered into our air, our water...and into our food. 

We are nation that is being glutted. Our food industry is poisoning us for profits. 

This is not an opinion or a conspiracy theory. It's a horrifying fact. 

Robyn O'Brien has done the research that exposes it. Watch her 20 minute TED Talk and listen for yourself.

Beginning in 1994, in order to drive profitability in the dairy industry, scientists were able to create this new genetically engineered protein and this synthetic growth hormone and inject it into our cows to help them to make more milk.

The business model makes perfect sense, it’s a brilliant one but at the same time, what happened is that it was making the animals sick. It was causing ovarian cysts, it was causing mastitis, it was causing lameness, it was causing skin disorders, and for that reason it increased antibiotic use in those animals.

And so governments around the world said we’re going to exercise precaution and we are not going to allow this into our dairy and into our milk supply because it hasn’t yet been proven safe.

We took a different approach. We said it hasn’t been proven dangerous so we’ll allow it.
— Robyn O'Brien

PLEASE...take 20 minutes and watch this Ted Talk!

There's a wealth of information on Robyn's website as well.