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 Day Two

How are you feeling today?

Did you sleep well? Were you feeling a little crabby yesterday or pumped to be finally doing this?

Everyone is different but just about all of us have a day or two when the toxins are exiting our body and we feel like crap. Yes, getting off of sugar is like getting off of any drug. That’s because it IS a drug! (Don’t get me started 😆)

The point is, you’ll hit that wall at some point and the trick is to be ready for it.

PRO TIPS: Help your body get rid of toxins and ease the transition by making sure you’re drinking LOTS of water. Take a Detox Bath. If you don’t have a tub, take hot, steamy showers or indulge at your local sauna.


Are you drinking enough water? Here’s why it needs to be a pillar of your new healthful eating habits:

  • It’s really important during the entire 10 days to help your body flush toxins out of your system.

  • If you're using PGX, you'll need the additional water to prevent constipation because of the increased fiber.

  • Finally, drinking enough water is one of the easiest, quickest ways you can improve your health. Take a lot at all the things it does for your body.








Write the measurements in your Journal.



Write whatever comes to mind. Don't edit or judge. This is just for you.

How did you feel today?
Were you successful at sticking to your Meal Plan?
At what point was it difficult?
How did you get through it?
What would you like to do differently tomorrow?