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Day Four

So it's Day 4 and you should have your routine down by this point. AND you've made it this far so enjoy feeling good about being able to say no to sugar! ::happy dance::

Still, you may not be feeling as great as you did yesterday. You might be experiencing headaches or you just might be cranky. You could even be feeling a little ill.

Hang in there. We've talked about this. It's perfectly normal.

This usually only lasts for a day or two.

Make sure you're drinking your water and if you haven't taken a Detox Bath yet, make it a priority!

Here's the best way to cope -  take a nap. Sleeping through the roughest patches definitely works. 

If you can't take a nap then let people know what's going on with you and that you might be a little cranky for a few days.

Take Your Measurements






Write those measurements in your Journal.



How did you feel today?
Are you experiencing any withdrawal symptoms?
What is your biggest victory to date?
Did you brainstorm a few non-food ways to Reward Yourself?
How can you best support yourself in the next few days?