1st Day of Prep


Prep for Success

Taking the Meal Plan for the First 5 Days, the Shopping List and the Food List that go with it, I suggest that you put a few hours aside before your work week begins, do your shopping and do:

Meal Prep

  • Chop Bananas and put them in the freezer

  • Chop your Salad Bar Veggies and store them in containers in the fridge.

  • Make your Salad Dressing

  • Cook a big batch of quinoa or brown rice for the week

  • Make the soup (if you have time)

Gather Your Supplies

prepforsuccess (1).jpeg

Daily Routine

It's good to get into a routine with your water and eating as much as you can. Below is what a typical day during your Fresh Start looks like:

First Thing in the Morning:

  • Take Your Measurements

  • Drink Water

Get Some Exercise at some point in the day.

Break Fast with a Smoothie

Optional Snack

Lunch Time!

Optional Snack

Dinner Bell

Write in your Journal

Detox Bath

Sleep 7-8 Hours: Don't underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep!


Don’t forget to schedule a Detox Bath. As your body starts to push toxins out of your body you’re likely to experience some discomfort. Possibly headaches, tiredness or willingness to bite somebody’s head off. Plan on it. Know that it’s part of the process and shouldn’t last more than a day or two. A Detox Bath is one of the most under utilized resources to alleviate any discomfort. Don’t forget it!

If you don’t have a bath tub then a really hot shower will do or use a local sauna in the Gym or Recreation Center. Yummm!