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1st Day of Prep


Taking the Meal Plan for the First 5 Days, the Shopping List and the Food List that go with it, I suggest that you put a few hours aside before your work week begins, do your shopping and do some of the meal prep as follows:

  • Chop Bananas and put them in the freezer

  • Chop your Salad Bar Veggies and store them in containers in the fridge.

  • Make your Salad Dressing

  • Cook a big batch of quinoa or brown rice for the week

  • Make the soup (if you have time)

It's also really good to get into a routine with your water and eating as much as you can. Below is what a typical day during your Fresh Start looks like:

First Thing in the Morning:

  • Take Your Measurements

  • Drink Water

Get Some Exercise at some point in the day.

Break Fast with a Smoothie

Optional Snack

Lunch Time!

Optional Snack

Dinner Bell

Write in your Journal

Detox Bath

Sleep 7-8 Hours: Don't underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep!


Don’t forget to make plans to have a Detox Bath. It’s one of the most under utilized resources to alleviate any discomfort when the toxins start coming up and out.

If you don’t have a bath tub then a really hot shower will do